Way to quickly bet and make a profit

Keno is one type of online gambling game whose game resembles a lottery (lottery) because we are invited to play with numbers. Our victory is also determined from the numbers that we put up.

In the game of Keno, there are 80 numbered balls, from numbers 01 to 80. To determine the winner and the amount of victory, the system will choose 20 balls at random from the 80 balls. The 20 balls selected by the system as the output numbers will be separated into several different types of bets, according to the calculation and value of the prize.

The different types of bets include:

  • Odd or Even
  • Top, middle or bottom
  • Big or Small
  • Big odd, small odd, big even, or small even
  • 5 elements (Gold,Wood,Water,Fire,Earth)